You're About To Learn...

  • HOW my client Sarah doubled her income simply by adding this ONE element to her interview.
  • Why you're actually KILLING your job search - without even realizing it!
  • The simple framework for how to present your VALUE the right way without it being awkward!

Emily Hawkins

Career Coach and Creator of

Market Me

Why Students are Raving About This Training

"This training changed my life! I knew I had the skills but I didn't know how to package it, this training gave me the confidence I needed to land a next-level role after being in the same role for a long time."

- Janice Clayton, Director of Public Relations

"This training helped me define my personal and professional goals in a manner I could not complete alone. It pushed me to think of my optimal role and how to obtain it."

- Ben Nye, Senior Vice President of Customer Success

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